Shower Fresh Poll


Do you think you would smell fresher at 8pm if you had…

  • Had one shower with shower gel and then deodorant at 8am
  • Had 3 showers with water only and no soap and no deodorant at 7am, 12pm and 5pm

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Depends what I was doing during the day, I think. If I got a proper funk on then the water only showers would make me smell a bit… musty.


Lot of variables here.


Would probably feel cleaner with 3 showers. Would not smell as good though.


Basing this on:
a. On holiday I will shower in the evening before dinner and only have a quick ‘stand-up’ wash in the morning. I will then be in and out of the pool/sea for the day but not smell particularly wonderful
b. On an average day I can still smell my deodorant/soap when I get changed out of my work clothes in the evening


shower before bed instead of in the morning

  • insane
  • saves time

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literally don’t care on the outcome of this vote

I have mine in the evening.


i know a few people that do this

they are all idiots fyi


Gunna be a depends for me on this one. Do exercise after work most days so shower in the evenings. If I don’t do anything I’ll shower in the morning


they are not the ones judging people on their cleaning habits.


wouldn’t consider leaving the house in the morning if I hadn’t showered. fuck that


Both innit. Not going to dispute that it saves time in the morning. Not the point though, is it. I could save time in the morning by not brushing my teeth or wiping my arse, too.


even on a hangover if all you’re after is a pint of milk from the shop down the street?



  • Soap on legs
  • Nah - just let gravity take care of them

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if i’ve been cycling they’ll defo need a wash


How is this specific only to men???


fair point man. yeah, I’d nip to the local londis for supplies


Assume most women will wash when they shave.

I appreciate that this assumption could get me into a whole world of trouble on DiS


But they’ll be so smooth it will be dead easy