Shower Fresh Poll

Do you think you would smell fresher at 8pm if you had…

  • Had one shower with shower gel and then deodorant at 8am
  • Had 3 showers with water only and no soap and no deodorant at 7am, 12pm and 5pm

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Depends what I was doing during the day, I think. If I got a proper funk on then the water only showers would make me smell a bit… musty.

Lot of variables here.

Would probably feel cleaner with 3 showers. Would not smell as good though.

Basing this on:
a. On holiday I will shower in the evening before dinner and only have a quick ‘stand-up’ wash in the morning. I will then be in and out of the pool/sea for the day but not smell particularly wonderful
b. On an average day I can still smell my deodorant/soap when I get changed out of my work clothes in the evening

shower before bed instead of in the morning

  • insane
  • saves time

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i know a few people that do this

they are all idiots fyi

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Gunna be a depends for me on this one. Do exercise after work most days so shower in the evenings. If I don’t do anything I’ll shower in the morning

wouldn’t consider leaving the house in the morning if I hadn’t showered. fuck that

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Both innit. Not going to dispute that it saves time in the morning. Not the point though, is it. I could save time in the morning by not brushing my teeth or wiping my arse, too.

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even on a hangover if all you’re after is a pint of milk from the shop down the street?


  • Soap on legs
  • Nah - just let gravity take care of them

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if i’ve been cycling they’ll defo need a wash

How is this specific only to men???


fair point man. yeah, I’d nip to the local londis for supplies

Assume most women will wash when they shave.

I appreciate that this assumption could get me into a whole world of trouble on DiS

But they’ll be so smooth it will be dead easy

sucks air through teeth


Yep. Also depends on your job, doesn’t it? If you’re working on a building site all day, it makes more sense to shower after work. If you’re in an office, etc then in the morning, obviously.

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