shower times

last night i had a late night shower and it was nice. my hair was a fucking mess this morning but it felt very nice.

i used to have night time showers when i lived in houston because it was so warm in the day and sweating was my game.

anyway, you a strict shower-timer?

always evening here

people say showers wake them up but they make me sleepy

Find it difficult to drop off if I’ve had an evening shower.

First thing on morning. Hair gets greasy very easy


Shower after I cycle to work and shower when I get home. Sweaty.

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I wash my hair at night usually to let my hair air dry, but a shower with a shower cap on is usually mornings

I have an evening bath

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Every morning at a minimum. Refuse to believe that evening shower people don’t have very musty genitals by lunchtime.


Every morning. Get all sweaty and that in the night plus it’s nice to be fresh for the day ahead.


Every morning crew here. At the point now that I can’t function without a morning shower


Morning and after exercise or if I’ve just been out and got really cold/wet.

To expand my answer


morning everyday but often have a second. Can’t wake up/feel fresh without one. Some medication im on seems to give me cold sweats so the second is sometimes essential also,

Used to be every morning but since WFH I shower at lunchtime. Means I can roll out of bed 10 minutes before I start work

Always evening unless I’m with my bf or staying with other people when, for some reason, I fall into morning showers in case they think I’m weird or something.


One of the greatest blues guitarists of his generation


Struggled to get into work on time as it was with a morning shower, and since growing my hair the faff of washing and drying it in the morning is too much. Think years of living in houseshares where you’ve got to compete for bathroom time in the morning have also just drilled me into morning showers.

I think if someone is showering daily that’s perfectly adequate, and suggesting that people are dirty, and therefore bad, for having a different routine is a social pressure that contributes to people wasting water etc on unnecessarily stringent hygiene routines.

Any discussion of personal hygiene habits always trends towards someone going “Urgh everyone’s so disgusting I can’t believe some people aren’t sterilising their entire bodies with bleach every 5 minutes” because we perceive cleaner = better and everyone feels empowered to shame anyone less clean than them, but it’s generally not a very healthy thing for these discussions (or for society) imo


yeah his album “original source mint and tingles” still holds up today


I normally do evening because I have to make the trade off between having musty genitals by lunchtime and getting up an hour* earlier, and anything involving getting up earlier is going to lose

*I have a lot of hair