shower times

Every couple of days or if I’ve been cycling while wearing Lycra.

I made the switch to evening showers in the summer last year. It started because I’d spent a week redecorating our house and I got into a habit of showering at the end of the day to clean off.

Nowadays I just enjoy being cleanest on my own time x

Enjoyed his work with Booker T and the Musty Genitals


Average shower for me is something like:

  • 5 mins stood with my back to the shower on full heat assessing my life.
  • 5 mins powerblasting the crown jewels and ass.
  • 5 mins teeth and shave.
  • 5 mins full body lather.
  • 5 mins sat on the bed deciding whether or not to go to work.
  • 10 mins dry and dress to Smooth FM.

Morning, most mornings (baby allowing). Only wash my hair once or twice a week though (and its much healthier since I stopped washing it more frequently).

I’ve always been a morning shower person, but for 6 weeks I had no working bathroom so was going to the gym a fair bit just for a shower, sometimes morning sometimes evening.

I felt a lot better for it after an evening shower. Might switch.

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I would like to hear the views of “Mr. Bath” aka @Bamnan

I never shower

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Used to be rigidly an evening shower lad when I was working regular 6am starts and cycled in. Pointless showering in the early morning only to get sweaty 10 mins later.

Now I don’t really have a strict shower time. Reckon it’s 50/50 between late evening and morning showers


Been fantasising about having a large wark in shower recently but I reckon I’d never leave it if I had one.

I shower in the morning. Feel like I don’t properly wake up all day if I don’t.

A rare evening shower is a wonderful treat though.

Been getting quite into having one as soon as I get home from work, lately. Normally get a bit sweaty on the walk home, especially in this current too cold to not wear a coat/still quite mild weather, and then it’s just out of the way and a nice start into the evening.

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I’m presuming that should be an L instead of R in wark. Hope so anyway.


Was supposed to be an N actually, cheers for the heads up.

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