Showering at Work [Audit]

Been trying to get more into exercising before work so this is handy in places where I can and gym showers are some of the grimmest places on earth. Seems fine at some places but weird at others. Obviously loads of people c**** to work, presumably you aint sitting there being a sweaty bollocks all day, are you? One would certainly hope not.

  • I shower at work regularly
  • I have showered at work occasionally
  • There are showers at my work but I don’t use them
  • There are no showers at my work
  • I didn’t even realise showering at work was a thing
  • F that, mayte
  • Other/not on workbook

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something about a shower of cunts

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Done it a few times when our hot water’s been borked.

Don’t know why but I never feel properly clean after having showered at work. Feel a bit grim all day as a result.


My darling partner had a massage in work this week, but it was just in a conference room with some not very effective blinds. This was apparently not ideal.

I do not want to nude up at work.

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my ride to work ain’t far enough for me to need a shower at the end :woman_shrugging:

Sweaty bollocks Niki, that’s what they’ll call you

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I have a gym at work, which I often go to for lunch (and then shower).

The pain is bringing all the stuff with you to work etc.


however, i did poke my head into the shower (just one, in a building of what, a few hundred people, where they’re trying to encourage people to arrive at work by sustainable methods :roll_eyes:) seemed fine. pretty clean. we get towels provided (white, fluffy), and there’s a hairdryer in there. would be a massive PITA bringing shower gel, shampoo and all that other shit in with me though?

Like fuck am I using a communal work towel


yeah this for me at the moment as well, slightly grim. other place i work has about 3 at least.

they’re basically better than hotel quality. my work has a lot of cash.

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It’s not the quality I’m worried about.

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Worked at one place that had fantastic showers but no clothes storage possibilities so was still a pain.

Personally couldn’t do it without a decent shower. Not just about being sweaty is also about feeling grubby from pollution, being warm, suitability of clothes etc.

you have to go to the clean towel place to pick one up from a porter person, then you leave it in the “dirty towel” bin after. seems fine?

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Very interested in what @Steved has to say about this.

I work from home, and I don’t know where the office showers are when I visit HQ. I have showered at work for my previous companies.

When I use the work gym I obvs shower after. Sometimes if I am going straight out after work I will shower to freshen up.


Very on brand, this


I’ve seen my colleagues regularly fuck up much simpler tasks than that.

I also don’t cycle far enough (or fast enough) to need a shower once I arrive at work. The ones here are pretty good however.

When I used to work at EVIL MEGACORP they had amazing shower facilities that were so much better than the horrorshow that was available in my shared house that I used to use them all the time. They were communal/open plan however so you had to be happy with seeing your boss’s peen occasionally…