Showering in the heatwave

  • Cold showers
  • Hot showers
  • Hot showers with a cold blast at the end
  • Mix it up

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  • Showering as often as normal
  • Showering more than normal

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shut up


Shower when I get up, shower before bed, sometimes have a third shower during the day depending on activities. All cool rather than cold.


Why be like this, you strange old man


I’m fucking hot and you’re making me do surveys


luke warm


Imagine that being your name. Hell.


What temperature does he have his showers?


Lame joke





Not fully cold, but a lil bit of the hot tap, cold tap almost on full pelt


Have you got any photographic evidence of you showering?


I don’t mean to brag but my flat is pretty much the same temperature all year round so I literally have no idea if it’s hot out, so I can sleep well at night and feel cool enough not to change my shower routine. Also, I think I’m heat resilient because I really don’t feel that hot when I’m out lately.


is that amy lame?

i listen to her on R6 - quite like her.

too hot to say anything more.



I don’t remember what cold is


Main shower at night where I wash my hair

Mini shower in the morning (no hair washing)

Random other showers if I feel like it


Start as cold as is physically comfortable, then drop the temperature slightly every time I get used to it throughout the shower until it’s proper cold (which is still warm because nothing is cold anymore)


I dont know how to change the temp of my shower