Shrek appreciation thread

Here is my criticism of Shrek and the Dreamworks Animation Studio as a whole. They date their films so badly by including contemporary music and references. Their films can never be truly timeless as a result.


Shrek is love, Shrek is life.


Reckon shrek would reject the princess after her transformation, get incel vibes from the guy


Amen to that,
That video awoke something in me but this isn’t the thread to talk about that

:frowning: gonna pretend I didn’t read this

Yeah, I feel I may have been banned if I posted it.

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I’m sorry I had to write it

Always thought he was meant to be more of a freewheelin’ no cares in the world kind of guy but I can’t really remember anything about the films.

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feel like there were quite a few jokes about him farting and really loving it

No he fucking wouldn’t, wtf??? Stop interpreting Shrek wrong.

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Not by me, if that means anything. Glad to know you agree though.

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there was a cat and he was shit

probably the genesis of all the weird internet cat hyperbole actually

Puss in boots?
Yeah definitely the weakest character, does absolutely nothing for me

remember at the time thinking “oh this is a generic sequel thing” when he showed up

Listening to the soundtracks now and just realised Lipps Inc. is a pun
Very good

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I’m a bit ashamed to say that I liked the Donkey at the time but it’s obvious he was trying too hard wasn’t it. Actually that was basically the whole film right? Donkey is crazy and then a dragon and true love

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Was waiting for the reveal that your date was @kermitwormit

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preferred A Knight’s Tale with your man Joker

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If only!

(Although, I believe this would have been legally and ethically reprehensible given our age differences)