Quazza Street reducing down from (a paltry) 720g to 650g again!

Replacing the toffee deluxe with a chocolate caramel brownie.

Are we going to stand for this?

I’d like to try to chocolate caramel brownie first please.


The americanisation of our beloved QS!

I wouldn’t care if the entire tin was covered in pictures of Donald Trump if it meant that it was fully orange and strawberry cremes inside.


They are the absolute pits!

no u


We have DMs on this new DiS you know .

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Good about how Toblerone changed theirs after the backlash eh

I find your portmanteau word to be terrible.

I don’t think balonz coinvented it

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I don’t understand what was wrong with ‘deflation’

It’s a rip-off, Theo.

they aren’t balloons

Dolly Mixture? Don’t tell me they have been hit by shrinkflation too!

Because it means something totally different?

Deflation is the reduction in price of an item, not the reduction in its size to mitigate inflation of prices.

One of the pub bores was moaning on about this a few weeks ago, so I decided to lighten the atmosphere with a self deprecating joke along the lines of “yeah, everything’s getting smaller these days, or so my lovers tell me.” Not a flicker (although the landlord found it hilarious).


What was the toffee deluxe??

Can only thing of finger, penny, and barrell (and fudge)


Oh, yeah that’s not needed. Bring on the brownie!


Get rid of all the toffee crap. Do they have coffee flavoured ones in QS? If not, add them in.

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