Shrove Tuesday thread

Show us your pancakes then! Plus anything else happening today


Morning pancake fans!

Woke up early to do pancakes for breakfast, here’s the first one. We’ve got syrup, lemon juice and sugar lined up. Going to the gym later so I might have some more for dinner


Off to see Jenny Hval this evening so we had our pancake day on Sunday. No pancakes for me :frowning: On the plus side, Jenny Hval :heart_eyes:

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There wasn’t enough batter for the last pancake so it looks like this


Kinda looks like a baby pterodactyl


Looks like Godzilla mimicking a hieroglyph

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Fuck off Shrove Tuesday.

(nothing against pancakes, I’m not a worstcunt, I’d just like Tuesday to fuck off and it happens to be pancake day)

Looks like a baby vulture pecking at the red bit.

I thought it looked like a wonky space invader but I like all your suggestions better

I only make fluffy American style ones as they are so much easier.

They were well appreciated by the family.

Pancakes aren’t difficult though really. They look good!

Someone told me yesterday about making them in the microwave. Obviously I told her that was ridiculous and awful


Looks like a squirrel that got run over

Starting work at 12 today. Dunno what to do for the next couple of hours. Any suggestions?

Really, really, really big wank.

Come up with an excuse to not go to work

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I used to love this program

Make pancakes

Bet he doesn’t even like them. Seems the type.

Flipping the thick fluffy ones is easier :slight_smile: also I can chop it up and then she can dip the chunks into maple syrup.