Shuffling a pack of cards

This thread is inspired by how few people I seem to know who can riffle shuffle. I learned of a mate’s older brother and in the 80s it felt fairly common but nowadays no one seems to know.

Come on then

  • I can riffle shuffle perfectly (alternating a card from each side)
  • I can riffle shuffle well enough to impress non-rifflers
  • I can just do that kack-handed corner one then spend 5 mins reassembling
  • I just do a chock-chock-chock easy classic
  • Other

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Oh and

  • I can do the waterfall after
  • I cannot do the waterfall
  • I have no idea what the waterfall is

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(Maybe it’s the waterfall but that most impresses people.)

one of those things i’ve consciously avoided learning because it makes you look like a bit of an anorak neckbeard.


People who can’t riffle shuffle but always try to are the worst. Card ruiners


Fucking hell. The prof’s just absolutely bodied Theo


he learned in the 80s, he gets a pass

He’s still bitter about AM 180 mate.

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Had just about gotten that out of my head, thank you fucking very much :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

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All about the Texas Shuffle, innit.

what is a “chock chock chock easy classic”…?

do you just mean the normal way of shuffling cards up a bit without being a showoff?

if so then that.

Cack-handed is a bit of an offensive term, fyi (well, I find it to be anyway, totally devaluing to left-handers).

The water fall is where you push in the cards at the side after and they all flop back into a pack.

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Ah apologies mate. Not intended that way at all :cry:

I’m afraid not Theo.

Here you guys go - with the waterfall at the end.

Edit wearing my White Lung tee @anon75298087


Tbh, I don’t think it is widely thought of in that way. Just having read about the origins of the phrase, and having been often told I am doing things cack-handed because it looks odd to right-handers, I find it gets to me as it undermines my feeling of any competency with fine manual skills which are pretty much my only skills. Doesn’t feel great there being a widely accepted idiom which relegates your most important body part to only being good enough to wipe shit.

I know you meant nothing by it, no one really does when they use it, just wish it wasn’t something which was acceptable.

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Never played cards?

You’ve played Uno though, right?

Used to dread playing cards in college because I’m so slow and dopy everyone just ended up taking the piss out of me

are you calling the bit where you bend all the cards back together a waterfall? that’s not a waterfall