Shuffling a pack of cards

I do my card playing online, so not sure what method the robot software uses but he just dealt me back to back pocket Kings and Aces so it’s solid

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This is what I was always told it was tbh

you were sold lies, theo. 80s lies.

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i would have thought this

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Shithead is the best card game

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Literally just happened again in same tournament KK the. AA…think the algorithm is bust lads!

According to this, it takes seven riffle shuffles to randomise a deck of cards, but about 2,500 overhand shuffles to do the same.

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There’s more combinations of the order of a deck of cards than there are atoms in the universe or something

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Highly relevant to my interests.

(already knew this, obviously)

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Here’s how you shuffle a deck of cards:

Deal 5-10 cards onto a table in separate piles, add to these in a random order until roughly equal, pick up the piles.

Simple, fast, will be mostly random and won’t bend or ruin the cards.

I thought of this myself cos I’m great

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Oh my fucking god

“Say that there exists 10 Billion people on every planet, 1 Billion planets in every solar system, 200 Billion solar systems in every galaxy, and 500 Billion galaxies in the universe. If every single person on every planet has been shuffling decks of cards completely at random at 1 Million shuffles per second since the BEGINNING OF TIME, every possible deck combination would still yet to have been “shuffled”.”

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what’s this based on? 52 to the power of 52 or something?

52 factorial

don’t know what that means I’m afraid

That’ll get you disqualified from penoid card game tournaments for insufficient randomisation.

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well buy a fucking shuffling machine then penoids!

Chews up cards. I’m not putting my shiny Yoda into that!

do you need like an umpire with white gloves to do it then?

surely you can’t trust the competitors to shuffle their own cards? You know how seriously they take these things!