Shut the Friday Thread

Can’t get enough of that woman on the Joe video* saying “shut the fridge”. Has anyone else ever used this phrase? I have a feeling I’ve heard it down here in Aus…

Anyway, barring horrendous issues that stop me flying this is my last Friday in Australia until Friday 17th January. Wow. I am not ready. Who ever IS ready for a massive long-haul flight and holiday.

Bought myself one of these yellow Uniqlo things @plasticniki
(may change for a green or black one tomorrow if the UniQlo in the shopping centre has more options.)

*this video here for anyone who’s managed not to see it

@modarators you heard him, shut it down



Seemed like she really wanted to sound cool for the cameras, I’ve heard people say “shut the front door” in a similar way.


Sorry Theo. Literally have not got 4 and a half minutes spare in the morning to watch a video. Big fan of that yellow jacket mind.

Walking 80 kids 2 miles to look at Christmas trees in a church this morning! And it’s TIPPING DOWN wahoo.


I think I read online it was used in a Nickelodeon thing so I just presumed she’d watched that a lot.

That said, the video is so slick I would not be surprised to find they’re actors recreating some original interviews or something like that.

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I guess better than walking 2 kids 80 miles? Or maybe not:

  • Walk 2 kids for 80 miles
  • Walk 80 kids for 2 miles

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No need to watch the video I just put it up there as I’d imagine the no-FB, no-Twitter people might have missed it and it’s always frustrating when people reference something without thinking about those who won’t get it.

In junior school we had to trudge up a big, steep hill, half the way on mud as there was no pedestrian path, to go to a carol concert at the old Catholic church. It was almost enough to make you hate Christmas.

So… have fun? x


“Shut the front door” was very popular in my old store, for some reason.


Because of the air conditioning costs?

We didn’t actually have a front door, it was shuttered. Doesn’t have the same ring though does it.

“Oh shut the shutters, mate”

Mornin guys n gals. Having pre flight home pints

So excited to get back to our rainy little fascist island


What you drinking?

dunno some sorta old ale, but it’s $5 a pint, god bless happy hour

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Now… you’ve been working together for ten decades…

Ten decades!?

  • I get this reference
  • I don’t get this reference

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Found a gift voucher I didnt know i had so going to buy a new bra this morning then coming home to do work even though it should be a day off, then a big clean of the flat.

Book I’m reading is a slog, hoping to finish that off by tonight too.


Not nearly enough sleep & I was first in the office this morning

Bern here 40 minutes & only one other person has turned up so far


Fucking hell we’ll never get anything else done!

Hey I’m fine with the big stuff from popular culture, I just mean this kind of thing that only has a specific reach.

Here until 3, then my final weekend off before the New Year. Yay Christmas.


I’m going to be spending an inordinate amount of time shaving again this morning.

I’ve been bald since I was 7 years old - but the steroids that I’m on seem to have triggered hair growth.

At the age of 43 I’m having to teach myself to shave.

Might just let it grow. Beard currently coming through thick black, eyebrows pure white.