Looking to go somewhere that’s still warm in October-ish so this is on the list. Please discuss Sicily here

Particularly interested in any hiking / cycling that people have done.

Ooo, we’re thinking of going to sicily in october too. See you there!

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No useful specific advice but the landscape in Sicily is really varied and surprising (to me anyway). Obviously you have the dark volcanic barren landscape and the amazing coastal roads but quite a bit of the interior has an almost alpine feel.

For cycling definitely do lots of research and planning as Italy generally is often difficult for cycling in terms of joining up suitable routes, avoiding main roads etc.


I was going to say to not go to the place that I went to because it was a bit rubbish, but I looked it up and it turns out that was in Sardinia, so definitely don’t go there if you want a nice holiday in Sicily.

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Palermo and Syracuse/Ortigia are both lovely, Catania is also nice but didn’t feel like it had quite as much personality as the other two. Palermo is probably my pick of the lot.

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off to sicily for the first time in july for a wedding. think we’re gonna stay on the island for the week after. cannot wait and looking forward to some recommendations.


Think we might migrate from Catania (do Etna etc) across to Palermo for a more relaxing second half so that lines up well!

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Also booked up for Sicily this September. Doing Palermo and maybe a couple of days in Cefalu.

Would appreciate any recommendations beyond eating tons of Cannoli which I plan on doing anyway.

Bit of a trip into the interior but Villa Romana del Casale is an absolutely great bunch of well preserved mosaics with daft looking animals and gods and nudes and that