Sick days


I am off sick, couldn’t get back to sleep after MrS and kids left - so have lounged in bed playing games and reading the internet until eleven.

now up, washed and watching PM questions…might watch some Louis Theroux in a bit. Bit bored tbh - anyone got netflix/iplayer recommends? Guess I could probably manage a post lunch sofa nap.

what do you do on sickdays?


Vidya games predominantly :video_game: :joystick:


oh yeah, should get back on Zelda really…


whatever you do on a Sunday


bed bed bed bed bed bed bed bed


Was off for a day and a half last week, was on the sofa under a duvet the whole time watching films and tv series.
When I could I got up and went outside for a wee walk in the fresh air, I’m a big believer in fresh air when you feel shite.

Get well soon slicky :+1:


Hope you feel better soon!

I make myself a little bed on the sofa and binge watch Netflix/NowTV or films. I’m currently watching The Affair, which is pretty good. I feel a bit crap (but not enough to warrant a sic day) and would have loved to stay home today and do the above.


watched Louis doing sex trafficking and gun crime so far. Might have to go a little more light hearted in a bit…


work, washing, cleaning, cooking, walk. NAH


Spend most of the day feeling hungry and trying to regulate how many trips I make to the fridge.

Obviously the illness days where you are unable to eat anything are the absolute worst.


do you not think you should have stepped in or called the police or something?


when I was child I read pretty much every Asterix book on sick days. and listened to the Lord of the Rings on cassette


You should probably consider making the step up to a house with a toilet.


He would probably just have talked his way out of it with his easygoing manner.


Watch: The Punisher. Really enjoyed it and pretty mindless.

I normally drag myself to work on sick days cos then when I call in sick (due to hangovers) it’s fully believed.

If I’m not in work I’ll usually paint loads of orc dollies and listen to podcasts. Good stuff.


This is weird genius, but genius nevertheless.


Surely this is normal behaviour! I believe @japes also does the same.

They’ve even started not marking me down as ill when I’m off (although its only twice in 3 years) as they’re a GBOLs


check your paid leave privilege mates!!!


Sick days are absolutely wasted if you’re feeling ill.

I remember watching an entire season of Arrested Development when I had a couple of days off for a chest infection. It wasn’t serious but I really couldn’t be bothered with work.


Video games were invented for sick days