Sick of this. Popcorn Preference

i had some crisps to eat during a screening of the pretty-quite-good Gus Van Sant film Last Days

the film was so quiet and dialogue-free, I basically ate them all in two quick bursts during A) a house party scene, and B) a waterfall shower scene

very stressful situation

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imo people shouldn’t be noisy during the ads either

every second of every day

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Sometimes it’s funny to see them bigger and louder

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Comedy = size + noise


Sometimes I get so self conscious about making noise in the cinema (especially if I’m alone) that my popcorn technique is to suck on it until it’s soggy and then silently chew before swallowing

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It’s very nice tbf shrews, you should give it a go!
They should do more wacky flavours IMO, surely you can turn anything into dust

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@fappable very kindly sent me some mince pie popcorn once about 7 years ago


This doesn’t seem like a fun way to snack.

It’s okay

Need to find a way to soundproof our mouths

Closing it?

Working in a cinema made me realise popcorn is basically rat feed and I will never eat it again after the kilograms of the crap I scraped off floors…

My favourite cinema snacks are peanut M’n’Ms.

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Don’t think it’ll work. If I eat hula hoops with my mouth closed, everyone in the room is still going to hear it.

I’ve never tried it either but I imagine it’s horrible. Slimy, greasy popcorn

My own personal tip is: pour a bag of crispy M&Ms into a cinema S & S popcorn bucket, and forget all your problems for a couple of hours.

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sometimes I fiddle with the bag for at least a dozen seconds on end before I open it

Imagine if someone shhhh’d someone eating during the adverts.

“Can you please keep it down? :shushing_face: I’m trying to watch the adverts. Thanks”