Sick of this. Popcorn Preference

Closing it?

Working in a cinema made me realise popcorn is basically rat feed and I will never eat it again after the kilograms of the crap I scraped off floors…

My favourite cinema snacks are peanut M’n’Ms.

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Don’t think it’ll work. If I eat hula hoops with my mouth closed, everyone in the room is still going to hear it.

I’ve never tried it either but I imagine it’s horrible. Slimy, greasy popcorn

My own personal tip is: pour a bag of crispy M&Ms into a cinema S & S popcorn bucket, and forget all your problems for a couple of hours.

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sometimes I fiddle with the bag for at least a dozen seconds on end before I open it

Imagine if someone shhhh’d someone eating during the adverts.

“Can you please keep it down? :shushing_face: I’m trying to watch the adverts. Thanks”

Have very much seen this happen

If this happened to me I genuinely wouldn’t know if they were trolling/ on the wind-up or if they were being sincere