Sick people in work audit

How many you holding?

There are 3 people with colds.
One person with a cough
Another person feels they’re coming down with something.
I just sneezed.


I have a cough, i am going to work


one of the new starts keeps doing kick flips


At what point do you call in sick for work?

  • Feeling like you’re ‘coming down with something’
  • Mild symptoms (mild sneeze, blocked nose, cough)
  • Heavy symptoms (blocked sinuses, head cold, fever, snot machine, bad cough)
  • Literally can’t get out of bed you’re so ill

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I’m apparently one of life’s slight oddities. I started working on the first Monday in January 1998 after finishing uni. I haven’t had a day off sick. It’ll be 20 years in 2018. I drink too much and sleep too little. Not sure myself how it’s happened. Don’t get me wrong. I hate my job.

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I rarely seem to get ill. Infact I only remember a couple of times and that was due to injuries.

Once with a broken foot for a few days and once with a twisted pelvis.

I dont get paid sick days so never really take a day off. Would have to be pretty much incapable of going to call in sick.

if i’m on my own will soldier in with anything shy of death. save sick days for hangovers isn’t it.

if i’m in the office or working with other folk, i’ll try and think if i would be happy sitting next to someone with my symptoms

Not quite as impressive as this, but I’ve not had a day off work sick since 2005 :+1:

Got a few comments about my cough but hey boy’s gotta eat and gets paid by the hour not a monthly wage so gtf to fuck tbqh

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Someone called in sick today. The rest of us seem fine.

Everyone seems fine

No obvious sickness around me today.

Generally will call in sick if I’m feeling genuinely shitty, know I won’t be very productive and will recover more quickly at home. If I’m particularly snotty/coughy and have meetings, more likely to bin it off. Not a fan of the working whilst at death’s door heroes.

Absolutely fucking hate the culture to be a trooper when sick in the (my) workplace. One manager seemingly expects people to still be checking e mails when they’re ill (we’re not working from home, we’re sick fuck off) and the suggestion of possible back to work interviews AFTER EVERY PERIOD OF ILLNESS was only shut down because one person said it might actually be a complete waste of everyone’s time.

I need a new job.

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I hate that culture too. It’s so counterproductive to try to keep people working at well below 100% efficiency when the best thing for them is to rest.


vile. whoever is cultivating that culture needs to fuck right off

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I’ve worked since 1997 and only had two days off. I got the shits after kissing an animal in a wildlife park.

Won’t be doing that again in a hurry.


Not on the lips. I’m not some kind of deviant.

literally call in sick when I can’t be arsed to work.

god bless sick pay.

Poorness seems to be the thing cultivating it here, so society at large really.