Side projects which were as good as/better than their parent band

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Menomena > Lackthereof

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I’m a huge fan of the Field Music side projects School of Language and The Week That Was - all three releases are perfect espically TWTW album which sounds like a spy novel set to Band On The Run - era McCartney tunes. Spine tingling in places!

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The good life. Help wanted nights is a treat.

I like the Amps lp even better than the Breeders stuff.

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I enjoyed the 2 Moonlandingz shows I saw this year every bit as much as the 2 Fat Whites shows I also saw this year.

moonlandingz were the worst band ive seen this year at green man. stodgy as fuck rock n roll.

Stephen Malkmus’ debut solo album is better than any Pavement album for me.

I love that album

United Nations are belting


dunno if it counts as it’s a solo project but prefer Ramona Lisa to Chairlift

Nah. The Breeders weren’t better than The Perfect Disaster.

turns Marmaduke Duke were better than Biffy

Don’t know how much it counts but 1st Desaparecidos album is pretty much as good as the best Bright Eyes releases (and that’s high praise in my book)


not sure if I’d call it a sideproject (especially for the former), but Coil is better than both Throbbing Gristle and Psychic TV.

Not sure if all of these count as side projects, but off the top of my head:

Twilight Singers (Afghan Whigs)
Built to Spill (Treepeople)
Mars Volta (At the Drive In)
Ugly Casanova (Modest Mouse)
Elliott Smith (Heatmiser)
Queens of the Stone Age (Kyuss)
Them Crooked Vultures (Queens of the Stone Age)
Foo Fighters (Nirvana)
Temple of the Dog (Soundgarden, Mother Love Bone)
Mad Season (Alice in Chains)
A Perfect Circle (Tool) (or at least the first album)
Boxcar Racer (Blink 182)
Tweedy (Wilco)

I can’t say Zwan were as good as the Pumpkins, but their peaks were up there with the classics:

EL VY I guess also just misses the cut, solely on the strength of The National’s discography. J. Mascis’s solo album from 2014 was also great, I need to get around to the rest.

Yes, think I’m actually starting to prefer the Jicks to Pavement