Sight and Sound Greatest Films of All Time

We can treat that as 18 films and kick all those losers tied at 243 off the list


74 of 264 for me

83/264 and probably 50 of those in the past 3 years!

110 in my Letterboxd watchlist so could get up to 200 with some work. Have about 30 of them available to me right now - recorded, on disc or streaming.

A Canterbury Tale by Powell + Pressburger is on London Live this Friday fyi.

95 of the top 264
46 of the top 100.

Quite happy with that seeing as I’m 27. Hope to tick off a few more of the top 100 this year.

97 of the top 100
216 of the top 264

Sad to see Eraserhead and Shop Around the Corner drop out, thrilled to see Goodbye, Dragon Inn and Where Is My Friend’s House? come in.


okay gonna try to tick off some of these this year, made a list of 10 to aim for:

Beau travail
Man with a Movie Camera
Singing in the Rain
Night of the Hunter
City Lights
Killer of Sheep
A bout de souffle

plus Meshes of the Afternoon, La Jetee and Un chien andalou as short films that shouldn’t be tricky to convince myself to try

Cor you’re in for a treat

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If you happen to live near a Picturehouse cinema then in a week or two you’ll get the chance to see M on the big screen.

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I do indeed, already made plans with my dad for it

Metropolis is also playing, but 1145 the day after a friends birthday drinks may be pushing it

Touki Bouki (66/100) + Black Girl (98/100) will be screened during March at The Garden Cinema as part of their new season: Francophone West African Cinema - The Garden Cinema

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All individual ballots here

Adam Nayman included a 7 minute Daffy Duck film in his list :smile:

Included in the Babylon finale montage too.


so it was!

I’d erased this from my memory until you mentioned it!


honestly one of the better parts of the film imo :sweat_smile:




Cause its right before the credits, agreed


Hearing reports there was an almighty cock-up and this list was in fact the 100 Worst Films of all time, and was published in error. A lot of egg on a lot of faces.


This was the one thing they didn’t want to happen