Sign this then dickheads even though it'll make fuck all difference

I might satirise it by sending my MP a weekly list of my thoughts

“at ten past three I thought about the word ‘therefore’ and how it may relate linguistically to the word ‘wherefore’, which got me to wondering why ever it may be that we still use ‘therefore’ in general discourse when ‘wherefore’ has been relegated to obscurity”

“I had a sexual thought, which - though conventional in terms of the venereal processes contained therein - was rendered unconventional by the location at which I imagined the carnalities verily occurring. It was a specific Woolworths… therefore breaking the shackles of linear time (most unconventional!)… and why such a specific branch of the now-defunct retailer? And why did this detail only cause further arousal?”


Looks like Tom Skillinger is a man who likes his kinky porn

Going by the map, Cambridge is a hotbed of filth