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Newsletters are all the rage (ironically an email newsletter was how DiS started!) and I started two in a pandemic fug in 2020

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This one is a weekly^ album recommendation from the last 20 years - a gentle way to send you back into the arms of a record that an algorithm is unlikely to serve up to you or introduce you to something special you might have missed. Any new releases will be things I’ve lived with for a few months rather than the quick fire reactions parading as music criticism you often read nowadays.

And this one is a playlist dedicated to an artist who does wonderfully melancholic music (probably not gonna do this weekly as it’s a big task listening to an entire discography). Also plan to slip in other playlists and radio shows from time to time.

^ = I had to take a break from doing this due to starting a new job and also, following a series of malicious communications, I’ve been pursuing a restraining order against a musician due to ongoing issues (some of you may remember an outburst online a few years ago but please don’t use his name as he has Google alerts set up)