Sign up to the Enough is Enough campaign (cost of living crisis)

Hi friends,

I posted this in the Cost of Living Crisis thread but thought I’d share here for greater awareness.

Please consider signing up to the Enough is Enough campaign.

From their website:

“Fair pay, affordable bills, enough to eat and a decent place to live. These aren’t luxuries – they are your rights!”

Enough is Enough is a campaign to fight the cost of living crisis.

We were founded by trade unions and community organisations determined to push back against the misery forced on millions by rising bills, low wages, food poverty, shoddy housing – and a society run only for a wealthy elite.

Our five demands are clear:

1. A real pay rise
2. Slash energy bills
3. End food poverty
4. Decent homes for all
5. Tax the rich

We are building a campaign to win them.

That starts with holding rallies across Britain, forming community groups, organising picket line solidarity and taking action against the companies and individuals profiting from this crisis.


If anyone’s in doubt, the sole director of the campaign is director of the Tribune - and the promoter named for political purposes is the Head of Communications at CWU, so there’s nothing to suggest it’s an astroturf campaign from a quick look.


Chris Webb used to be club president of Argyle. He’s a good lad.


Never met an Argyle supporter who isn’t.


The launch rally is this Wednesday at Clapham Grand (in Clapham).

Signed up will try and be at all brighton activity

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I am excite.


The crowd is a lot less “County Cricket game on a Tuesday in April” than this makes it look.

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All the religions (well, some of them) are against austerity.