Signed Things (Autographs)

Got any notable signed things?

I had my old guitar signed by Feeder back when I was a teenager, original lineup. Queued up in Cardiff to make it happen. I really liked their first album at the time. Years later I got a better guitar, and went to sell my Feeder guitar online hoping to find a fan who’d appreciate the signatures which included one from their since-deceased drummer. Got a lot of people interested, and wished me the best on the Feeder forum(s) but no buyers.

Eventually had someone want to buy it from Gumtree as a present for her son. I asked if he was a big Feeder fan and she asked why. I explained that the guitar was signed. She asked phoned other son and he said no, her son doesn’t like Feeder. I then tried to explain that I was selling the guitar at slightly more than it was worth as it featured the signatures. I suggested maybe she could buy a similar guitar for the same price new. I didn’t want to hoodwink her. She insisted that she didn’t care and went ahead and bought the guitar anyway.

I wonder if she ever explained to her son what those squiggles on the back were about or if he cared.

Paper plate signed by Carl Barat and the bloke off of Supergrass

I have a signed copy of a Do Make Say Think record and the dude who signed it wrote “To Niki” and then drew some boobs.

Signed copy of the Nicola Roberts album


I have forked out for signed copies of at least one Kendrick Lamar record (I think it might be two, I need to check) and there is literally no chance in hell that he actually signed them:


Bought a bootleg Ocean Colour Scene hoodie outside a gig once then afterwards saw the bass player and asked him to sign it and he told me I was a cheeky cunt.


(FWIW this is actually almost identical to what I consider “my signature” so who knows)

Was it a clean paper plate, or did you happen to bump into them at a buffet.

Quite a few signed books eg

Some prints (the Jeppo one that lots of people on here have, Matt Groening ATP poster) plus some signed LPs and gig posters from when we were promoting shows.

Clean paper plate

Also got a signed Flaming Lips t-shirt from doing the bear thing.

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I’m pleased to hear that. Would’ve been a shame if their signatures were spoiled by a smear of grease.

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Oh and a camping mat from Glastonbury '02 signed by Badly Drawn Boy, Idlewild and Ash.

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Copies of The Amber Spyglass by Pullman, Freedom by Franzen and the Buried Giant by Ishiguro. Two Gilbert & George prints.


A lot of CDs signed at Rough Trade East but my best of all was last year’s Michael Stipe Q&A at The ICA where I got my Out Of Time and Green signed. I got to shake his hand too. I’ve been a fan since around 1991 and so as a 42 year old fan boy it was a big event for me.


I also have a signed copy of Sir Alex Ferguson’s second autobiography and Limmy’s second short-story collection


I’ve got a lot of signed posters/prints on my walls. Here’s my Breeders, PJ Harvey and Bat For Lashes.

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Got a World Cup 66 picture book with most of the England squad’s autographs (plus a lot of the russia and france squads too).

Feel like I used to have lots of signed stuff but have lost or sold it all now. Used to have a milkybar wrapper that The Killers signed.

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I think the only autographed things I have are a signed photo of Paul Scholes that someone gave me when I was a teenager and an album by the Crimea.

2004 Leinster Football Final Replay programme signed by most of the Westmeath squad and manager