Signed Things (Autographs)

Anyone know of Pete Fowlers work ? He gave me this after I returned his hat. We swapped hats and glasses when drunk at a party a while back. Can’t remember why.


A friend of mine got James Dean Bradfield to sign her replica rugby shirt when she bumped into him in a pub on a match day, which was nice of him.

A signed book of some paintings of county cricket grounds that Jack Russell had done. Lovely bloke, spent about half an hour talking to me during a Middlesex v Glamorgan one-dayer. Gave it to my old man for Father’s Day.

When he sent the receipt through the post he included a hand written card wishing me the best too. Should probably take this to the day’s nuclear thread.

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That’s nice. That’s the guy who’s done a lot of the artwork for the Super Furries over the years isn’t it?

that’s the fella. He’s a lovely chap, met a few times over the years and he always has the time to chat.

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Find it strange that people want someone else to sign something and that others will pay a load of money for it.

As a kid lived on the road where noted 90s children’s series Woof was filmed. Got the autograph of the main boy and he went to get the dog to ‘sign’ the paper with his paw. :dog:


I don’t really want someone’s illegible scribblinga all over nice stuff.
TV wanted Why? to sign our new vinyl at a Bristol gig and I embarrassed myself/everyone a bit by holding my hand out over it just before he was about to sign and asking him to do it on the back.
I.didn’t want the cool artwork ruined :woman_shrugging:

got a signed picture of the Chuckle Brothers from when I was a kid
got a signed Jonathan Safran Foer book from when I interviewed him for my student newspaper
someone from Odd Future drew a penis on my favourite camera bag in permanent marker so that’s sort of an autograph I guess. it wasn’t tyler or frank ocean otherwise it might have gone on ebay
edit to clarify that said penis was a surprise autograph

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either he ripped off a lot of people or the man really does give out postage signature level signed records

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Went to a reading of Summertime by JM Coetzee and he signed my copy of Disgrace. Seemed a bit like a conveyor belt for him. Was nice to say hello and have a signed copy but not sure I’d go to a signing in itself

I won these on here ages ago, along with tickets for their shepherd’s Bush gig back in April 2012


Mentioned this before but I have a copy of the Low Christmas album, signed by Alan Sparhawk. Felt like a bit of a nerd for having taken it to the gig, with a Sharpie, on the offchance of running into him

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A pretty extensive set of signed Terry Pratchett books.

I signed someone’s boobs after my first ever gig (in my village pub) - I presume she no longer has it.

Queued up to get a midnight signing of Sepultura’s Roots album at the Virgin Megastore on Oxford St. Was only signed by 3 of the band as Max wasn’t there. Can’t remember why now. Still have it somewhere.

Signed photo of Peter Ndlovu

Quite a few CDs signed from when I was younger, of which I just remembered one Frightened Rabbit one I asked Scott to sign after an in store show :cry:

A few setlists too, one from an Adem gig at the Union Chapel is probably my favourite.

I don’t think I ever really cared that much about having the signed thing, it was just an opportunity for me as an awkward kid to have an excuse to talk to musicians who I loved.

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