Signs of a Quarter/Third/Mid Life Crisis

Asking for a friend

I nearly bought a karcher yesterday

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I haven’t been for a haircut in over three months and I won’t be booking an appointment any time soon

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Trying something new. You’re only allowed to try new things up to a certain age.

waiting in line for an hour at IKEA just to buy a curtain

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Getting one of those clothes subscriptions then wearing one of the outfits to revolution on a Wednesday night

oh right, we’re not giving serious answers

Buying a red sports car?


fixed that ftfy for you

Working is such a massive waste of time, for the most part.

The serious answer was valid and relatable


Heavy glowwww


Dating someone too old/young for you. Also dating anyone at all.

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Getting into a new hobby. Like really into it, so much that it becomes the only thing you know about them.

Oh, here comes Roger, the model trains guy. :biking_man:t2:‍♂

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Good plan

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Having a race car bed


Seriously though, it does seem to me that if someone makes a major change in their lifestyle above and beyond their early twenties, that it’s labelled as a crisis. I think it’s something that should be encouraged more. Way too many people settle for being unhappy and retaining the status quo for fear of this kind of ridicule (amongst many other things, of course).


Self producing a soft rock ballad :frowning:

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There’s no such thing

Hell yeh

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Occasionally think about getting a tattoo

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