Signs of aging


Have to ask someone younger to work the Netflix/Sky/Virgin box.


Buy my jeans in Next


Kinder and more forgiving, more open with new things and less of a snobbish twat, always wearing matching socks and also my knees hurt


Found a masssiiive hair growing out of a mole on my chin the other day.

Get up looking forward to going back to bed.


Oh but also giving less and less of a fig about what people think of me and doing more of what I want to.


Grey hair (rapidly approaching the “salt & pepper” stage)
Getting a much-needed nose-hair wax every time I go to the barber
Being perpetually baffled by the proliferation of buttons on my Xbox One controller
Refusing to stream music
Going “oof” when bending over or sitting down
Cutting down on booze and trying to get fit
Starting to care about household maintenance and (shudder) DIY
Not keeping up or caring about new TV, film, comedy etc (the day I stop caring about new music or books is the day I dig my own grave and jump in)

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Also weirdly less sentimental? I used to dedicate hours to diaries and making my room look nice, now idgaf, just put a few plants about and im good


Thinking of going for a hearing test, good proportion of any conversation at the moment is me either nodding obliviously or asking them to repeat what was just said

Hopefully it’s just the ear hair


This is life though isn’t it sadly, finding out the things you are happy to have not done.


Imagine being that blissfully ignorant!


You’ve got to give that shit up. I’ve only just recently realised that there are excellent books, films, computer games, etc. that already exist and that I will never experience.

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I sigh audibly when i see zoomers glued to their smartphones. Im 28 but it’s weird, when i have a shave i look about 21 so i dont feel like im nearly 30.


Getting more left wing.