Sigur Ros


A few UK gigs in the autumn:


do we think they’ll have their string + brass sections on this tour?


They haven’t for years, so I doubt it sadly.


Never say never tho - This years’ tour there are no opening acts and the band play 2 long sets so maybe it means they’ll be bringing along all the bells and whistles too.


They’ve confirmed it’ll just be the three of them.


Ahh rats


That’s a real shame, I found them so dull last year as a 3 piece, don’t think I’ll bother seeing them again until they get a full size band back together


What do we reckon for prices? I’ve never been a big fan, but saw them live for the first time at Glastonbury last year and would definitely watch that again, but £35 would be my absolute limit. I’m not accustomed to paying lots for gigs.


Any word of a presale for this?



You’ll need the code:


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Oh dear :frowning: