Sigur Ros

A few UK gigs in the autumn:

do we think they’ll have their string + brass sections on this tour?

They haven’t for years, so I doubt it sadly.

Never say never tho - This years’ tour there are no opening acts and the band play 2 long sets so maybe it means they’ll be bringing along all the bells and whistles too.

They’ve confirmed it’ll just be the three of them.

Ahh rats

That’s a real shame, I found them so dull last year as a 3 piece, don’t think I’ll bother seeing them again until they get a full size band back together

What do we reckon for prices? I’ve never been a big fan, but saw them live for the first time at Glastonbury last year and would definitely watch that again, but £35 would be my absolute limit. I’m not accustomed to paying lots for gigs.

Any word of a presale for this?


You’ll need the code:


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Oh dear :frowning:


Can’t make this now - have two free tickets that can be emailed over. PM if interested - cheers

19.00 Sigur Rós 'Route One’ slow TV on screens
20.10 Guided meditation presented by Calm
20.30 Liminal soundbath w Jónsi, Alex Somers & Paul Corley
21.45 End

New Jonsi song:

Last one wasn’t bad, better than the last few sigur ros albums. Didn’t think much of the song I heard though

Really like the new Julianna Barwick song he guested on.

In fact, mainly really looking forward to the new Julianna Barwick album. Coming out July 10th on Ninja Tune, which is an interesting move.

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