Silent Alarm

I feel like this would probably be good but could also be disappointing.


Can’t say I’d be that excited for this without Matt Tong smashing it from behind the drum kit. Definitely feel like I saw them enough back in the day too.


If it’s not the four original band members then I’m out.


I didn’t realise he wasn’t with them any more. No chance if he’s not there. Comfortably the best thing about this band and this album. His drumwork absolutely blew my mind all those years ago when they were huge.

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He’s in Algiers now

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I hear it’s lovely this time of year. Plenty of time to get back for the show though?


Same, great songs on this record but it was the drums that set them apart from anyone else at the time. Strangely the second album lacked the frantic urgent drumming SA had like he was perhaps told to curb it.

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yeah i’d go if it was the original 4 but no Matt and no Gordon = ahm oot

figured people here would want to chat about it tho :slightly_smiling_face:

my first ever gig was Bloc Party at Alexandra Palace. Supported by then unknowns Foals, and The Rakes. Think it was December 07.

I’d forgotten that half the band were gone.

Remember when they pretend-fired Kele and it all turned out to be total viral bants and they were all “nah mate four of us together”. Disappointing.

Foals weren’t that unknown in Dec 07, they’d released 4 singles by then and their first album came out soon after in March 08

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The grumps: I don’t think they were ever that great live tbh. First stumbled across them at Reading Festival 2004 where they played before The Bronx(!) and nothing really clicked until I gave Silent Alarm a proper listen. They seemed to play Reading almost every year and found them kinda underwhelming if I saw them. Take away half the original members and nahmate.

The positives: Great album, top haircuts, looking forward to revisiting it

Hope they bring the pitch shifter with them.

I swear they played the same slot 3 years running

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unknown to a 16 year old who only listened to Bloc Party, The Shins, Morrissey and Radiohead

Yeah, I got briefly excited for this before realising that the architects of this album’s brilliance, its rhythm section, most likely won’t be involved.

The guitarist is beefy af

I saw them play with Sarah Jones from Hot Chip on drums once and she matched Matt. If she’s with them again it will be good.

Just found a vid of her with them. Can’t believe it was 5 years ago. Kill me [HD] Bloc Party - Helicopter - Live @ Southside Festival 2013 [12/12] - YouTube

The encore will be bloody disappointing