Silent Battles

Had a nice running silent battle with my mother in law for a while there. Heard her talking about Jörd oat milk and pronouncing it (no doubt properly) as yerd cos she goes on holiday to Norway a lot. I keep calling it jord with a hard j and an English or sound. Try to say it a lot even when I could just say oat milk. She’s been doing the same.

Got any good silent battles going on or recently won or lost?


Seams like Eems is very much “at it” here and looking for validation.

hey I’m completely wrong, i’m not suggesting otherwise. I just don’t like the way she’s doing it on purpose to show how much she know about Norwegian things.


no! i don’t want validation, i want some other egs of silent battles.

Last summer these geese (or their relatives, friends or associates) charged at me out of the blue and I literally ran away. Park was full as well, so embarrassing. A while ago I saw them and was about to sit far away then thought no, this is a public park and sat right by them, silently daring them to attack me. They didn’t seem annoyed by me and stayed put which made me happy because I like them

This isn’t them being violent btw I think it was stretching


Would be absolutely delighted if @whiterussian could come and tell me that both of us are wrong.


You’re gonna be disappointed (though yerd isn’t quite right, pretty close though)

Well, we don’t even use ö in Norwegian, we use ø, so it’s just some stupid branding thing. Jord is the Norwegian word for earth/soil etc and it’s pronounced kind of, yoor, hard r

Happy to be of absolutely no help whatsoever!

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I want to know why @eems’ mother in law goes on holiday to Norway «quite a lot» though

Similarly my friend kept correcting me everytime I referred to the body of water we were walking along this weekend as a river by saying canal to his daughter. Now the thing is it is the Manchester ship canal but it only really exists as an extension of parts of the River Irwell, the irwell becomes the ship canal and to me, its a man made section of the River which yes, might technically be a canal but I’m all about celebrating it’s river heritage and generally being a bellend about it. I know I’m wrong (a bit), but I persisted with muttering river throughout throughout day.


Hang on. Sorry everyone, it’s Danish! :grimacing:

Yep, was gonna mention the ö/ø thing. It’s Arla’s attempt to be ’Scandinavian’ without committing to a specific country and it’s jord without the umlaut in Swedish too to mean earth or soil

So yeah, everybody loses

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Nah, Danish uses ø as well

Sweden uses ö …as does old Norse

Ah right. I mean the company is danish. Anyway keep it coming this is all good stuff for me to drop into conversation in future.

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Yeah, they have their HQ in Denmark but are the major dairy brand across the whole of Scandinavia

Arla actually began as a farm co-op in Sweden in 1889 but took its current form after a series of consolidations & mergers in the 70s, 80s & 90s

Oddly enough they had an anti-oatmilk campaign in Sweden recently where the premise was them taking the piss out of companies (mainly Oatly) doing exactly what they’re doing with ’jörd’ - this kind of ’nearly milk’ branding - and say there’s nothing like real milk

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Would love to be present the next time @eems sees his mother in law


We’re all sorry about Danish


Yeah, I think he’s got some good ammo now

This really made me laugh