Silent Battles

Fyodor Mikhailovich Dostoevsky born 1821 died 1881

Anyway gonna start off with calling it Yoor and see if she bites.


Used to have a good one of these with my dad’s wife. We had a close family friend called Jocy (pronounced ‘Jossy’ - short for Joceline) and my dad’s wife would always pronounce it like Josie for some reason. Never corrected her but always go to great lengths to say her name as much as possible in her presence. Like, that’s not her name? Josie? Fuck off.


My housemate and I have a silent battle about which way up the cutlery goes in the drainer. This has been going on since he moved in and neither of us have said anything about it to each other.


This is what I’m talking about

The big question: which of you is Team :fork_and_knife: :arrow_up: and which is Team :fork_and_knife: :arrow_down:?

A bit of both. I put the knifes with the sharp end facing down and forks/spoons with the handle facing down. He does the opposite.

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I pronounce flaccid, fructose, and all chemical names ending in -ide properly because it drives people crazy.

You’re definitely the more sensible one here.


Think there’s a chance he just goes random and doesn’t know about the battle?

Please elaborate?

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No, it’s the same (wrong) way round each time. He knows what he’s doing.

-eed (as you would pronounce -ine as “-een”)

It isn’t that the common pronunciations are wrong, per se, it’s that they are common from (mis)usage and/or Americans. emot-patriot

My partner believes that after each wear clothes should either go in the laundry or be folded and put back in the wardrobe. Given that I only have about 4 items of non-underwear clothing in rotation at the moment I think this is a bit much and usually just drop my clothes on top of the laundry basket and grab the ones I’m going to wear the next morning.

My partner throws these clothes onto the bed every single day, so I have to move them back at the end of the day when I want to go to sleep. The unspoken message is “fold your clothes, you slob” but I refuse to cave. It’s far too late for that.

My friend, can I interest you in my invention, a clean clothes basket?

Tiny basket at the foot of the bed (nothing like the size of a laundry basket) that my worn clothes that I’ll wear again the next day go before bed.


I have thought about this many a time since you mentioned it ages ago

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Looks suspiciously like a cat bed. Or, a “soon to be” cat bed.


I like this idea a lot, but unfortunately our dog would treat it like a little buffet.

You need a ‘chairdrobe’


My wife’s name is Sara, and all her life she’s pronounced it to rhyme with ‘airer’ rather than ‘Zara’. Everyone uses the ‘airer’ pronunciation except her dad. He’s a bit daft and a contrarian too so we always just assumed he was being weird and just ignored it, but the other day my wife challenged him on it. In a surprise twist, it turned out that it was actually her parents’ intention that her name would rhyme with Zara, but everyone in the small Lancashire town she grew up in just used the other pronunciation and they gave up correcting people.

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