Silica Gel (not dead)

Ever eaten it?
  • Yes
  • No
  • No, but with a smirk emoji too, so you can’t be certain I’m telling the truth
  • Can’t remember

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To those who’ve eaten it, how did it taste?



Fun fact: silica gel is not poisonous.

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Exactly, it’s delicious!

Watford Legend


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I have a little bag of silica gel packets ready to go for whenever I drop my phone in the sink/drink/the toilet/the bath/a pan/gravy/other liquids

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I got a silica silica gel ball stick inside the hdmi port of my work laptop, if you know what i mean

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I’ve got loads as I needed some for a hobby I’ve been doing and ordered a bagful from the internet

Probably more than I’ll ever use to be honest