Silicon Valley

Worth watching ? Saw the first ep and didnt find it funny, but a few pals rave over it. Is it worth persisting with ? Resorted to watching a Third Rock from the Sun last night so need to pack that in

Definitely! It goes from strength to strength with each season. Do you like Mike Judge’s other output?

I love Beavis and Butthead but didnt really enjoy Office Space or the other one he did witb Luke Wilson (Idiocracy?)

I think it’s great, though can be maddening at times watching the lead character screw things up for himself. Never realised that Gilfoyle was in Freaks and Geeks until I finally watched that recently.

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It’s more in the vein of the latter two so maybe it isn’t for you…

Oh god this just made me think of the scene with the horse

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Generally find T.J Miller’s shtick quite irritating but it really works in this. I love the way he pronounces Aviato.

Thomas Middleditch a really flat and unlikeable lead.

I’ll try a few more eps! Seems to be quite liked so would be a bit daft to dismiss it right away

Martin Starr and Kumail Nanjiani along with Zach Woods (The man really FUCKS)) usually get all the best lines so it usually counters against Miller and Middleditch’s (sometimes Marmite) performances…

I do wish they would give some more prominent story lines to the (few) female characters…

I can’t remember too much about the first series but I feel like it took a few episodes to get into gear. The second and third series’ were excellent from start to finish though.

I get what you mean about Middleditch though I think he’s great and his Comedy Bang Bang guest spots (particularly Kid Detectives) cemented that for me.

First episode of the new season was a good one.

TJ Miller is boss. Love Silicon Valley.

Definitely going to give this a watch, first time hearing about it… love everything else Mike Judge has done.

The latest episode was hilarious, especially Gilfoyle’s glee over Dinesh inevitably fucking up big time


it’s great
zach woods is the best

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Poor guy seems to suffer in the films I’ve seen him in too.

Quite a strong start to the new season! Loved Jack Barker’s long descent to his new office and Russ’ school yard F-bombs :smile:

Also I very much want Gilfoyle’s Black Flag / Black Coffee mug that he was drinking from in the first episode!

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Love Jared

‘I think you might be the first Pakistani man killed by a drone inside the United States’

That line had me laughing so much I felt a bit guilty afterwards

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