Silicon Valley

Damn, for some reason I thought there were two episodes left but tonight’s the last one!

Feels a bit sudden doesn’t it? I didnt think the story was wrapping up

It’s a double episode. Really great and genuinely funny show that I’ll miss a lot.
“that’s the most courageous act of cowardice I’ve ever seen”

That was so funny the rats gave me proper belly laughs

It’s comforting to know that Gilfoyle and Dinesh will grow old and die together


Just rewatching the entire series final episode of season 1


Thought that was a fantastic ending. this season was much better than the last one too.

They’ve definitely done the right thing winding it up now though.


I thought it wasn’t bad season 5 but, it was blatantly a reactive season with Miller leaving and suffered for it.

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Agree with everyone saying it was better than the last season, and a fitting ending. It is such a well put together show though, I’ll miss it a lot.

this is still my favourite bit of the whole programme

already finished my rewatch :disappointed:


Big old bump here

How were the last couple of seasons? I totally lost interest after S4 I think, but now I know it’s actually finished I’m tempted to see how it plays out

i watched the whole thing again recently (probably posted loads about it above) - i don’t think there’s much of a drop off in quality at all really, some silly bits get stretched out but generally it’s still incredibly funny/smart


Yeah couldn’t find where I finished so just picked up at the start of S5. Seems just as good as I remember it being, maybe I just got stuck in a story that felt like they were redoing old stuff - but with Erlick gone they’ve got different energies to play with so maybe that helps things

Richard is so good at being awkward and uneasy, you just know nearly every interaction. Is gonna go against him. But also good to see them properly succeeding now when it felt for a while like they’d just keep getting shut down and resetting for ages

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Find it awkward to watch now with the issues around prominent cast members? Was there final clarity on what has/hasn’t happened? Are they bad people.

TJ Miller and Richard Middleditch are unequivocally bad people; it seems Erlich wasn’t so much a performance as an exaggeration. Doesn’t affect my enjoyment of it but I can totally understand why it could for other people.

Martin Starr, Kumail Nanjiani, and yer man from The Office who I can’t be bothered to google carry the show though imo especially in Miller’s absence. Very much enjoyed the increased Hanneman presence in the last season too, dude steals every scene he’s in

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I’d find Middleditch and Miller being dickheads more dissonant if the show was like Ted Lasso or Parks and Recreation or something but as the show is about dickheads constantly fucking up anyway I’m not too fussed.


Miller sounds like a right incel

just had an episode where Gilfoyle goes full-on in support of crypto, but for philosophical reasons

clearly that fits his character perfectly and it’s still played as a joke, but also one of the (few) moments when the show is giving a sincere message about how the tech world could do things better. So that element feels like it plays very differently even a few years after it was written