Silliest named band you actually like?

Fridge is a pretty silly name. Can’t think of any other bands named after appliances!

Either the Strawberry Alarm Clock or the Chocolate Watch Band.

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Iron Butterfly?

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Orange Organics

Casiotone for the Painfully Alone


Haha, okay, I stand corrected! I was thinking of more inane things though, like kettle, or floor fan! Shit! I’ve been inspired! I’ve gotta start a band called The Dehumidifiers!

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When I still received demo CDs regularly, one came from Sweden. The band was called Kevin.


I did see a poster for a band called Brontosaurus Chorus once. Don’t know what they were like though, so they don’t qualify for this thread.

Fucked Up I guess? Dunno

Still a better band than Cabbage, as far as I remember.

Truckers of Husk - no clue what it means, but it’s weirdly appealing, and they’re great.


A pretty bad name but fitting


Dinosaur Pile-Up

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There are a few of the existing-artist-name-mashup style ones I like. Ringo Deathstarr, Joy Orbison and Joanna Gruesome etc.


elvis depressedly is probs my favourite (name-wise, can take or leave the actual music)

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my mate kept going on at me to listen to a band called ‘caddywhompus,’ which i resolutely refused to do cause the name was so shite, but i just checked them out now for this thread, and disappointingly they actually seem to be pretty good

They are great but don’t seem to do much. I saw them once about 10 years ago but nothing since…

They do take ages to put anything out! Think they’ve done some individual projects, but nothing I’ve found that interesting to be honest.

Saw then support Battles in Cardiff when they were touring Gloss Drop, haven’t heard anything since.

Is King Salami & the Cumberland Three a silly name? I like 'em.