Silly Billys

Run into any Silly Billys recently?
Woman yesterday refused to pass me on the stairs as I was coming up as she said “oh, no, I never pass on the stairs, am superstitious about it!11” You stupid cu…Silly Billy.
Any ya’ll seen some Billys doing sillys?

I’m with her!

It’s a massive fucking staircase mate! room for…3! not some domestic shit yall

I don’t know if it was silliness or what but I went into a newsagent the other day, lifted the bottle of water and too it to the till. The guy was in the back room but saw me, we acknowledged each other and said hello. I assumed my attentions were fairly clear in the circumstances: I wanted to buy the water, but he didn’t move so I pointed at the water and said I’d like to buy it. He then came out from the back and said hello again, he still seemed a bit unsure as to my intentions and kept looking at me for reassurance.

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That is quite a Silly Billy! he works in a shop, he should know this!
Maybe he was actually robbing the place…hmmm, not so silly!

Tell y’all waht, there are some serious silly billys at drowned in sound for not running with this great thread y’all!!

I typed out a reply about a guy actually named Billy who is doing odd-jobs in our new flat and fucked up re-hanging our bathroom door so has had to return today to do it properly but it was astonishingly boring.


My friend Billy had a 10-foot willy. He showed it to the girl next door. She thought it was a snake, so she hit it with a rake, and now it’s only 5 foot 4.

Silly Billy.


Easily in my top 10 pieces of poetry ever.


A titan of the poem world, right up there with The Wasteland.

It’s up there with

milk, milk
round the corner
chocolate’s made

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Whilst I’m on board with the subject matter, I’m boycotting because it should be ‘Billies’.

In a B, Warren G.

I’m such a silly billies!!
billies looks shite

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you know what I don’t get mate, how the FUCK mountain goats, the ones that just seem to hang about on sheer cliffs survive beyond about a week. I mean, I get that they have amazing balance etc BUT they are relying on a crumbly, sheer cliff not losing a bit of rock they’re on.It isn’t down to them whether they live or die, down to a fucking cliff mate. Just doesn’t make sense and fucking does my nut in! ya get me?


I do. I surely do.

BILLY: the drain is a vampire, sent to world

JAMES stops playing and speaks directly to the Lollapalooza crowd

JAMES: what is he, everyone?

CROWD: a silly Billy

JAMES: I cannot heeeeaaarrr yyyooouu



BILLY: doooohhhh that’s silly William Patrick to yoooouuuuu

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