Silly things you made in your youth

A thread for all the silly creative things you made as a young’un. Silly stories, silly pictures, etc

Basically, you know that time you were at your most creative? What ridiculous things did you waste your creative energies on?

I put loads of different GarageBand loops of pianos and drums and stuff through as some sort of brass instrument and made this nonsense


Read this as “silly things you made in your mouth” I am very tired.

Good thread idea though :blush:


Cactus people, 2006, I really loved them


Oh my goodness these are incredible


Mainly choices


Want to have a pint with this one in particular. Gboc.


‘You will NOT believe what Chucky from the Rugrats looks like now’


First time I installed Reason (music production software) on my computer I made a track out of a horrible bassline (horrible bad not horrible good), some crappy drums and a pack of simpsons samples I’d got on a torrent.

I used the “Calm down neddly-diddly-diddly they did their best-iddly iddly” bit from the hurricane episode and spent hours in the sampler (NN19) lining up the iddly’s with the beat.

season 8 GIF


I will never post them but silly spoof versions of Lord of the Rings and The Matrix and that Nike football advert with the Brazil team in the airport starring all my pals that we made together at school in the pre-YouTube era

The Matrix one I can still watch without cringing to be fair to it (but then again, I’m not actually in it so that helps)


these strange felt people


Would you post them if you knew it would earn you more respect?

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I respect my friends too much to do it to them

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Thank you! I put the one on the left in a jumper and his face flowered every full moon <3
All those uni prospectuses in the bg lol no wonder I was in the state of dressing cacti


Waaaah, I love it so much :heart_eyes:

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As pre-teens my sister and I created an organisation called the worldwide poo eaters. We created name tags and a hierarchical structure for the org. We went as far as to create a programme for a musical called WWPE: The musical. It was a tragic tale of love, loss and poo eating. It was eventually banned by my father when he decided we were too old for such trifling matters


Clearly in the pocket of Big Poo

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Music - Dance of the Midnight Library Pixies, Tubby the Spring Rabbit, etc. Loved this, reckon i could make some proper tunes with Sibelius these days. Also wrote lots of horrible comedy songs for school in jokes, even more horrible attempts at writing serious songs, and one amazing song for Biology homework with my best friend about the measles, mumps and rubella vaccine.

Sample lyrics:
MMR, MMR, helped us find the way
Measles mumps rubella, now they’ve gone away
MMR, MMR, we can safely say
MMR, MMR, vaccinate yourself today

People have protested, now they are in prison
They had the stupid claim: the jab causes autism
Now that we can safely say that this is not true
Go down to the doctor’s and you know what to do

Novel - as a kid I wrote a story called Marz Chocolate Planet where Mars was made of chocolate and it was melting, causing catastrophic environmental damage on earth for a character called Deirdre; two stories called My Pet Puff the Balloony, about an orange ball-like alien with a trunk, someone strangled me while I was writing it because he wanted to use the classroom computer instead; and as a teenager i wrote a proper novella called Live Forever about teenagers falling for each other during Britpop. Used to serialise it like peak Dickens, just with email, had quite a rapt audience. I’d like to rewrite it one day in a non cringe way but I’m so embarrassed that I wrote a novel set in Manchester when I didn’t discover until 4 (FOUR) years later that Manchester didn’t have coal mines everywhere. I mean there were no mines in the story but my total ignorance of the north was just too embarrassing to bear. Also someone died after tripping over a hoover cord.

Context for the next few things: there was a grumpy boy called Dave with big ears who I pretended to be totally and visibly besotted with as my poorly socialised and ignorant form of latent feminism, i.e. exaggeratedly making men experience what it was like to be hassled and creeped on. He was effectively my comedy muse. I feel quite bad about it now because he was a figure of fun for quite a few people as a result of my creative efforts, can’t deny I came up with some absolute treats off the back of it though.

Musicals / scripts - wrote tonnes of these in my mid teens (…and since) musicals included Dave the Musical, Top Gear the Musical, and Italy the Musical as well as a series of musical TV episodes of Doctor Who, where Dave was the Doctor and I was the Assistant. There was an episode featuring We Are Scientists, and me and Keith Murray basically bonked our way through time and space until he fell into another dimension :frowning: Fame School is the most cringe, it was me going to school with loads of celebrities, all the male celebrities I fancied wanted to go out with me including both Way brothers, Billie Joe Armstrong and Mark Hoppus :frowning: makes me want to die thinking about it

Poetry - I wrote Dave a series of 7 genderbending rhyming poems called Pretty Princess Dave where he was a pretty princess who was locked in a tower and Prince Pervo had to come and save her. Dave ripped them up when I gave him the handwritten version so I put them on the internet instead.

Drawing - lots of little cartoons of me (something I still do when doodling) and used to trace anime characters. However of course my magnum opus was the extremely graphic Dave Runs A Race, coloured in highlighter. Oh my. I have a haemorrhage even thinking about that.

Sculpture - in art we had to make a sculpture so my friend and I made The Tank, an ambiguous blocklike creature with a trunk which was for some reason stored in the rafters over the English corridor for a year until we stole it back.

There is a LOT of slash fiction i have left out here because it’s so fucked up and incriminating

  • I would have wanted to be friends with creepy creative teen Pervo
  • I would have run to Mongolia without stopping if I had encountered creepy creative teen Pervo

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I wish wish wish I could find the thing me and my friend made for year 8 German

The task was basically to come up with a little play to demonstrate conversational German and ours was, in retrospect, horrifically dark

I actively regret that I wasn’t friends with creepy creative teen Pervo

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