Any of you have a minor problem with these twats in the bathroom?

Had one in my kitchen sink yesterday, rinsed it down the plug hole then immediately felt guilty, dunno what else I would have done though

You’re a total fucking asshole.


Once poured out a bowl of alpen from my mums larder. Turned out it was about 6 years out of date and had turned into alpen dust. Couple of silverfish dropped into the bowl too.

Put me off alpen for at least a couple of days.


Yeah we did at my last flat. The bath was completely rotten behind the panel and nearly collapsing but obviously because we were renters it was fine for us to live in it :upside_down_face:

We put down some bug spray or something for them and they left the bathroom and luckily went into my housemate’s room and not mine which joined the bathroom on the other side

You are a complete and utter twat

Urgh do I not like that

The dust is the best bit

Don’t actually know why we have them. I only piss all over the floor on Wednesdays.

I’m an adult who always had a clean house and have ergo never seen one.

(Jk I don’t know why or why not you might encounter them but they seem largely harmless?)

They are entirely harmless, just makes me wonder if they’re indicative of a secret problem. Probably me religiously pissing all over the floor on Wednesdays.

Where do they come from though? I reckon the eggs are actually put in something, like toilet paper or something? So that they can ensure they get that big duster money. It’s all the same parent company you see

I can’t believe you’re pissing eggs is what I’m saying

A frightening yet plausible explanation from elthamsmateowen

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I found the biggest one I’ve ever seen in the bathroom recently. Never seen one in this flat before and no idea how it got in. I caught it and flushed it down the toilet and haven’t seen any more.

I did think one of them was cute once when I was watching it, it arrived at the corner of the room and then turned around like oh I suppose I better turn round then

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When we had them when I lived with my bf he refused to believe me or that silverfish were a thing, in fact I’d say he fucking gaslit me over it tbh like I’d made them up or imagined them so I stopped trying to prevent them. Hope he and the silverfish infestation are very happy together.


Egg pisser egg PISSer

It was 95% dust, 5% silverfish

Good ratio, I’d be all over that.

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