Similar products by different brands that there is a weird thing about with their adverts or something

Like you know how in America they have the Energizer bunny instead of the Duracell bunny even though both those brands exist over there too.

Also it’s weird that Covonia and Ricola have advert catchphrase things that are a person shouting the name of them in a fairly similar way “CovOOOOONIA!” and “RIIIIIIIIIIIIIICOLA!”

Which ones?

Imagine if the Tetley Tea Folk popped up in a Nescafe advert, that’d be weird wouldn’t it


Early John Lennon lyrics didn’t have the emotional impact he was looking for


Shared universes are big nowadays.


Ah yeah, I remember ITV Digital

Do they still make ever ready batteries? that was THE brand when I was little

(battery powered white dog poo)

I remember Ever Ready batteries but I haven’t seen them for a long time.

they’re energizer now

stand down @marckee

both look like dicks in my imho

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Best promotional bunny:

  • Duracell
  • Energiser
  • Cadbury’s caramel

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How much of the decision to go with rabbits for the battery companies comes down to the phrase “at it like rabbits” do you think?

howard from the halifax appeared in a non halifax advert recently didn’t he. hopefully this is the first step towards him being the richard belzer / john munch of british tv advertising

He did, I can’t remember what it was an advert for though

me neither. effective advertising, clearly

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Not the question you’ve asked, but i’ve noticed recently that i get embarrassed into buying superior brands too often. “Do you want the Duracell/Solvite/Smirnoff or do you want the CHEAPER BRAND?”, to which i always casually say i want the superior product before getting home and realising the capitalist pigs have had my pants down again.

Not cricket, imho.


Aye, I’m always doing that as well, particularly with cereal

I was thinking about Ajax the other day. The scouring cleaner, not the Dutch football team

I feel the same was about Caramel Bunny as Marckee feels about Kelly Brook in the sexist thread he was sexist in the other day. (but I’m not being sexist because she’s a cartoon.)

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