Similar products by different brands that there is a weird thing about with their adverts or something

I was thinking about JIF because there’s JIF lemon but also JIF cleaner which is now called CIF but I’m pretty sure it used to be JIF.

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It did used to be called Jif


Oil of Olay used to be called Oil of Ulay

(I can’t remember what this thread is about)

It’s about whatever you want tbh, this is very much one of my “just had a thought so I’ll make a thread about that thought” threads which is probably a surprise to you

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they still do them don’t they?

Yeah, I think they still have those, you make a little dent in your thumb if you press it too hard

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I’ve snapped several batteries in half doing that because I am so strong.


Do you remember that other thread I did about batteries a while ago?


It’s very good

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i was thinking about them the other day. i took the batteries out of the xbox controller and i thought, hey, remember those batteries where you could press the little white spots and see how much power it has

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it’s fine.

I started typing a post about rechargeable batteries but …

But what?


Ah yeah, say no more :wink:


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