Simon amstell's film on iplayer

‘carnage’. funny and maybe persuasive…

i really like amstell and will certainly give this a watch

i really hate amstell and will certainly give this a swerve


I generally quite like Simon Amstell and might watch this if I have the time


I really like Amstell and watched last night. Tread the right balance of satire and preaching. Made vegansim look commonsensical. l Have felt guilty for being complicit in such a barbaric industry since last night.

It’s more persuasive than I expected but I’m always torn between simplistic arguments that make an impact and more complicated arguments that address the broader problem.

Some animal husbandry is necessary in the uk to preserve biodiversity in pasture and meadowland, which in themselves are massive carbon sinks. Letting animals graze fallow land is more effective at preserving top soil than simply letting it sit fallow. Having a couple of pigs on a farm is more efficient not less. We don’t have to worry about water consumption in Wales and Scotland, which coincidentally have the highest amount of land that is impractical for arable farming. Even with a massive rewilding project (which would be awesome) there is still vast scope to raise cattle and sheep, not to mention deer and pheasant.

But talking about the necessity of holistic farming isn’t always useful when addressing the problem of intensive farming. I’m not sure it’s easier to advocate spending three times more for meat reared in a way that contributes to the environment than it is to just get people to eat falafel.


I watched this last night.
It’s really good. The stuff they’re poking fun at (people saying that cows need to be milked or they’ll die, why would you want to each a chicken’s period etc) is really what people try to tell you when you tell them you’re vegan.

Thought it wasn’t very good or funny, except for the few decent arguments it smuggled in for veganism.

watched this last night, pretty funny in parts and got a few good points across. thought it did well splicing in real footage from things like gordon ramsey, jamie oliver etc

havent watched this. feel a bit sorry for simon amstell making a name for himself as a bullying prick on popworld/buzzcocks and now struggling to forge a reputation as something else / find a new thing with his show about depression and now this.

Thought it was ok. Could’ve done with being half an hour shorter

That’s the thing. He was such a prick. I’ve simply no time for him anymore.

Weird. Grandma’s House was a delight.


Watched this on the iplayer last night. Stupid and funny and quite touching at moments. Found it quite persuasive too, probably more so than any serious documentary would have been.