Simple everyday things that you are properly shit at


I am well shit at shaving, literally have never had a shave and not then felt a hair or five that are still there in a fairly obvious place about an hour or so later.

I am also properly shit at sweeping/mopping a floor. I will spend three times as long manually using floor wipes with my hands rather than get a mop out.


chopping an onion
blowing up a balloon (literally can’t do it)


Poppin a wheelie


Swallowing pills. Physically cannot do it.


Blowing balloons
Wrapping presents
Making the bed


How about jelly beans?




Stretching a bin bag over the opening of a bin so it’s nice and taut




I struggle with this too.

My girlfriend thinks I’m an idiot for it.


Unpacking after being away for any period of time


This isn’t a simple task. Literally nobody can iron a shirt.


Changing the duvet cover
Mopping the floor (just really cba after about 30 seconds)
Folding clothes


Solidarity, brother :fist:


Cleaning, it literally takes me forever, I have to psyche myself up and get a playlist going just to clean the kitchen ffs


Like, I’ll take a mouthful of water, and then have to get the tablet lined up on my tongue just right, and then swallow it down with all the water.


I’m away so much I keep meaning to create a small, constantly packed suitcase which has a set of toiletries, makeup, hairdryer, brush etc etc so I never actually have to pack and unpack. It’s just always ready for me to pick up and go.


Haven’t used an iron in at least 5 years


That’s a really good idea


Too lazy to put it into action though…