Simple everyday things that you are properly shit at

Putting the sheet on the mattress is a horrible job and the fact that science hasn’t come up with a better solution is probably why extra terrestrial life hasn’t bothered getting in touch with us yet.

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My mum is like this, throwing her head back over and over until she finally gets it down :frowning:

Not sure that you’re doing that right.

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FAO onion strugglers - you just need to get a sharper knife

I can’t think of anything - I’m a bloody good all rounder while not being significantly good at anything.

Still alive though so checkmate

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You’re really significantly good at brightening all of our days here on



what a significantly lovely thing to say x

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smee, I thought you were excellent in Creep (as the non-Creep)

I spill drinks all the time

Another one for ironing! My Mum apparently used to drink a half bottle of red every night whilst ironing my Dad’s shirts. She’s very good at ironing. I may adopt this technique.

EDIT: I may have been over exaggerating here, a half bottle of wine and a half bottle of wines worth of shirts EVERY night seems excessive.

How many shirts did your dad wear?

I iron to music rather than booze, and ironing one shirt takes about the length of one track, so about four minutes.

A lot! … I presume.

Probably because she kept spilling red wine on them.


I’m too impatient for shaving and often cut myself. But once I get to the end of a shave, I think to myself,: it’s not too bad really, I won’t rush so much next time. I always do rush it though.

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FOPPYISH :kissing_closed_eyes:

I’m properly shit at nothing. Just adequate at everything.

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Using a tape dispenser. Ends up a right mess.

Rather just use my teeth…

Would your teeth be sticky enough though?