Simple everyday things that you are properly shit at

that’s a good pro tip/life hack

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Oohh buttering bread. Has to be either a hot bread or very soft butter situation for things to go to plan


I’m not very good at driving. I mean, I am when I’m paying attention, but I get distracted easily.

Are you driving now?


Yes! Every girlfriend I’ve had has laughed at me when watching me buttering bread at some point. My dad used to find it hilarious. I have never worked out what it is about my buttering technique that is supposedly so funny.


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Remembering I ever put the kettle on.

i’m really bad at bringing enough pants and socks
you’d think it would be easy to just count the number of days you’re going somewhere and bring that many but i always forget and just grab a random handful

Watering plants. Always forget until it’s way to late and kill them off

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For some reason this is the one element of packing I’m really diligent about and always set them out so I know there’s enough, maybe even put a spare pair in there just in case. Everything else just gets bunged in in a heap.

All. I mean I can do it but I forget very regularly.

I’m generally bad at throwing and catching. In this situation I’d probably just pick the ball up and walk over with it.

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This thread makes me feel like some sort of superhero (who can’t swallow pills).

Ironing, cutting onions, buttering bread, throwing and catching. All over it m9.

I can swallow the shit out of pills, swallowed a suppository not so long ago and it hardly even hurt.

When you say making the bed, do you mean like just shaking the sheets about n shit, or that hotel style where everything is tucked in and it’s a fucking nightmare to get in there?

This happens to me all the time lately, don’t know why it’s happening, but glad that I don’t go about the place commando.

Mainly putting the sheet on the mattress, also make a right faff of changing the duvet and pillow covers

Putting the sheet on the mattress is a horrible job and the fact that science hasn’t come up with a better solution is probably why extra terrestrial life hasn’t bothered getting in touch with us yet.

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My mum is like this, throwing her head back over and over until she finally gets it down :frowning:

Not sure that you’re doing that right.

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