Simple stuff you discovered really late

the switch in my room that gives us hot water in about a tenth of the time it used to take

i’ve been living here for 2 years and my flatmate’s been here for 4 years lol


The proper way to make a bed (turn the sheet inside out, line the corners up with the duvet and slip it over).

Before making a bed was a job that took maybe 20 minutes and would require at least 3 people. When I showed my parents they nearly shat


Read this four times and still have no idea why you make your bed by wrapping your duvet in an inside out fitted sheet

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I had never had a glass of milk until I was 19.
I didn’t eat porridge until I was 20.
I hadn’t ever had a poached egg until I was 20.
I don’t know what the hell was happening in my upbringing to cause this ridiculousness.


You know, the hot switch

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Normally turn on the switch on the main boiler, like you can choose between central heating and hot water, takes like 30 mins to heat up. Just flipped this other switch in my room for the first and it got hot instantly

That’s an immersion heater switch.

It’s very pricey to run as it’s basically a kettle element in your hot water tank and electricity is a lot more expensive than gas.

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Jesus, my deceased grandfather will be turning in his grave at the thought of someone using the immersion. Switching it on was a cardinal sin.


Dolmio. Used to always make my own pasta sauces as standard: tin of tomatoes, garlic, bit of onion, sugar and salt, chilli flakes maybe. Easy. Then bought a jar of Dolmio for the first time ever the other day, loads nicer, don’t know why I bothered.


I’ve only started eating porridge at the age of 30 tbf.

Reckon I was about 27 before I tried brown sauce too.


Unless you buy duvet covers from La Redoute. Some sick, sick fucks designed those.


For me: if I wash the dishes as I’m cooking and then the last bits straight after eating it makes life a million times better. I was so worried about turning into my mum that I’ve turned into my dad completely by surprise! :laughing:


I’ve got a friend who is engaged to an Italian fella but she offended him quite early on in the relationship by telling him she preferred Dolmio to the actual proper stuff he was making.


The secret to putting a duvet inside a cover is be 6 ft tall. Gives you the arm span you need.


Normal duvet covers are fine and I can easily change one in under a minute, it’s just the La Redoute design. Instead of the whole of (or most of) the end of the duvet cover opening they instead have an extra flap of material that is about a metre wide and extends out about 2 feet and this is the opening. My bed is superking so the duvet is enormous and I end up breaking a sweat every time I have to change the bedding! :laughing:

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I can’t even get my head around what you mean but it does sound weird

In our house we call it the “arse flap”


It’s this. The flap isn’t even a metre wide and the duvet is fucking enormous.

Yeah I’m 5’5, so not even short, and putting on a duvet cover is a fairly big operation. I can’t really lift it off the floor and shake it at the same time, even a single.