Simple stuff you discovered really late

Oh right, a sort of funnel you have to stuff it through? Not great

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I’m 6ft. Unfortunately I’m also half an arm short, the bionic arm helps but it will often decide to just let go of the corner you’ve spent 5 expletive filled minutes getting the duvet into, just as you give it a good shake!


we have a tank that is heated up by electricity and goes on at night for half price of the real costs…hahahahaha…yes…so a bill of just usage is 285 Euros…but Mr Taxman comes along and adds at least one third of the bill plus TVA like your VAT…so 470 Euros in total…

Holding in the spacebar on an iPhone lets you move the cursor to wherever you want when typing something. Used to backspace my way through everything.

Birds don’t sleep in nests, that’s just for their eggs. Only really clocked that on the last year