Simple stuff you should know but don't

I don’t know how many days are in each month. Always have to look it up.



30 days hath September, april, june, and November
all the rest have 31 except February alone which blah blah blah sometimes 28 sometimes 29, no one really knows.


Reckon you’re better off sticking with the traditional LUV and HÄT tattoos tbh.



28 days clear
and 29 in each leap year!

How to change a plug
How to change a tyre

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I can never remember which colours are live, earth and neutral on a plug.

Basic sewing.

Plugs are dead simple.

Change one today!

Terrible knowledge of UK kings/queens and their reigns, order, etc. Often brutally exposed by the likes of University Challenge. Especially disappointing as I had them all on a ruler I got from Hampton Court Palace when I was about 8.


I’ve only so much room in my brain.

I keep electricians in work so it’s alright

I always used to remember bLue goes Left and bRown goes Right. Innit.


had to change a tyre at the weekend, somehow a massive screw had found its way into my tyre, and I managed to get a parents space in Tescos which gave me room to swap it.

Had to do it when I was 17/18 and made a real hash of it so always made sure I knew what was in my boot. it’s actually really simple, the secret is to loosen the wheel nuts while the car is on the ground before jacking it up.

That’s all fine and everything. It’s just one of those things I know I’ll need to look up before I attempt it. I can remember that the wire that looks like it should be the earth (the brown one) is actually live. I guess that blue is quite a neutral colour so that would make sense.

Or phone kwik fit mobile fitting and work pay for it

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At one time it was red for live and green for earth. Then they realised that was a big issue for colourblind people, esp in the days when stuff cane without a plug, so they made one brown and one stripy for better contrast

Mortgages - know nothing about them or how they work, when people try to explain I get bored or confused or both.


national anthem (fuck off am i learning it)