Simply the Vest

Been out of the vest game for maybe 15 years but just bought a six pack and it’s a wonderful feeling. Summer at home just got better. I’m like a modern day Jim Royal.

You like a vest? Ever worn a string one?

No, I’m not rab c nesbit despite reports to this contrary

Only one(s) I’ve got are cycling base layer ones, though I did keep one on yesterday when I got home from a ride in the garden and I looked like a real twat beefcake



I like them but wouldn’t buy 6

Got my wearing vest on as i type. Never gone down the string route. Got a few NBA ones and a couple of just plain ones. Like a good vest, you see.

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Got a couple of (plain, not string) vests that I sometimes wear in the house/garden in the summer if it’s particularly hot. Don’t think I’d have the courage to wear one in public, though.

It was only £13 and the brand name is Keanu!

What does a string best actually achieve? Pockets of hot air or something?

Maybe gives you that reverse grillpan tan that’s such a hit down the lido.

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Read that as “swearing vest” at first, and was like, yeah, I get ya. Some days you just wanna throw on your swearing vest and call someone a twat.


That would be far too risqué for me. My vests a purely for wearing.

These vests are made for swearing
and that’s just what they’ll do
one of these days these vests are gonna fuck shit cunty poo