(sing to the tune of I'm Coming out by Diana Ross) I'm getting fat, I don't want the world to know, don't want to let it show



best ways to hide fat without losing weight? Might wear tunics


Baggy clothes won’t really help. Neither will tight ones. Your best bet is dark, nicely fitted clothes.


it’s ok to be fat


This is pretty much it. It’s not really about hiding anything, just about doing what’s right for your shape. Its a proper pain that the shape that most shops have in mind is basically alien. There’s nothing wrong with being any shape or size and the fact that styling makes people feel that way is really saddening.


Ive got a proper belly on. Going to go on a getting in shape month… starting tomorrow.


Wear nicely fitting clothes (it’s worth getting clothes tailored if you can afford it) and stand up straight.


Definitely happier now I don’t mind about my weight as much. Took me a while to realise that it doesn’t mean I don’t care about my appearance or want to be unhealthy, I’m just a bit of a chunk.


Baggy clothes will hang off of ur fatter parts and be realllly unflattering, wear dark clothes or wear dark on bright of you don’t want to be gloomy gloomerson and get clothes that fit. Trousers that sit well on your waist will look much better than trousers that let your gut hang oot.