If you had one day in Singapore, or more specifically one evening, what would you do?

I’ll allow this thread to have general Singapore chat in the future when it comes up in search results, but for now, please indulge my specific circumstances.


I may be going to Singapore soon and the only thing on my list is Din Tai Fung cause I went to one in Kuala Lumpur and I loved it

I have been to one before in another country and will pass on your suggestion, but thank you for contributing to my thread.

Could be missing out, but I fully respect your life choices.


Probably cough a lot due to the air pollution. They have some nice looking gardens mind

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I will admit, that picture has piqued my curiosity, but I probably won’t be hungry after being on a plane for a long time

That looks amazing, might try my luck even though I won’t even be hungry

Why won’t you be hungry?

I’ll have just got off a plane from Heathrow so will be full of plane food. Got 8 hours there and found out it’s OK to leave the airport, which is why I made this thread

I’ve never been, but everyone I know who has has remarked on how clean and tidy it is. I don’t think they mentioned anything else, in fact. So maybe have a few hours wandering around marvelling at the cleanliness. Make sure you don’t drop any litter.


Let marrowbone and cleaver choose, while making feet for children’s shoes

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I’ve heard the same. Also no chewing gum. Might grind my teeth as I have been known to live the punk rock lifestyle and find rebellion unavoidable.

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botanical gardens


the whole country is like 90% shopping centres. it’s so boring.

The one person I know who lives there is in the UK for a week. Feel bad as I’ve been promising to visit him for years.

Sounds like a few hours will be enough then.

you should spend the evening inspiring a malay uprising

Any tips on how to achieve this?

Yeah Gardens at the Bay are pretty good. Could go up the Skypark but quiet expensive and not a lot to do up there.

Trying to think what else I did there. Went to China town, went to the national musuem.

Oh the Art science musuem is really good would do that if it’s open.

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