Yeah Gardens at the Bay are pretty good. Could go up the Skypark but quiet expensive and not a lot to do up there.

Trying to think what else I did there. Went to China town, went to the national musuem.

Oh the Art science musuem is really good would do that if it’s open.


Artscience is open till 19:00 I get there at 16:55. Will see if it’s possible (might land earlier).


just do the jeremy corbyn glasto speech, but in malay


Did a fun night Safari if you’re there at night.


If you change your mind about eating the telok Ayer market has loads of diffreent options.

Brewerkz is a decent bar and you can look across to the busyness of Clarke Quay.


I will be! Looks a little far out, you reckon it’s worth it?


Oh nice, good to know, might eat anyway as I’m a glutton. Will check out that bar unless I’m on safari too.


Dinner and a couple of beers I reckon.




Thanks for the tips, about to board, so no more replies from me, but will check again when I’m there.


I have a mate that’s over there and I have visited a few times, I found it pretty dull to be honest, I can’t really think of anything there that is a must do .

As people have said it’s very clean and tidy, though a few people I met have said there is a bit of counter culture developing growing with more dance music and of course drugs starting to appear.

There is the “world’s highest craft brewery” which is decent enough and has good view of the bay, Din Tai Fung and Brewerkz are good as mentioned.


Haw Par Villa Tiger Balm Garden/Theme Park

Then Little India and the Arab Quarter.


Think there are actual organised city tours you can do there when you have a long layover




They were booked solid unfortunately.


Night safari is surprisingly great - a couple of people had recommended it to me and I was initially sceptical, but hugely enjoyed it. Bus will get you there and back fairly quickly, or alternatively it’s not that expensive in a cab.

Other top tip is to just eat as much as possible - Singapore has some of the best food in the world imo. Plenty of outdoor night markets to stuff your face at. A quick google yielded this from Tripadvisor…


Too hot and humid, though, isn’t it?


It is a bit.

Glad I decided to have a shower after I get back to the airport than before.

Got one of these while working out where these places are with the WiFi


Is this the place you throw the peanut shells on the floor?



I put mine in a little bowl though, even if it’s some sort of tradition, it still felt wrong.