Singer from WU LYF has got a new song out

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That’s the bass player innit. Singer is in Lost Under Heaven.

Fuck knows

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Looks like they are back for a little bit:

Quite funny that they still have mailing list just got this through, fair play if they don’t play any shows:

Brothers and Sisters, Long time no Speak!?

All things considered I trust you have all been keeping in good spirits.

It’s been a quiet few years here at LYF HQ since my wayward brother burnt down the house, but as we approach the 10th anniversary since Go tell Fire’s release we have decided to celebrate with a long over due re-issue of that singular LP.

I believe the LP has become a sought-after asset on the black market, with extortionate prices offered to the good hearted seeker- We look to put an end to this by flooding the market with a limited 1500 new copies.

The re-issue will be first available in all true blue independent record shops for 2021’s Record Store Day and then we shall sell what remains via our Bandcamp.

Additionally we have been digging through the archive and will be sharing all the glimpses of gold; the Art, the Passion and the questionable Jokes that characterised WU LYF’s short reign- ever the ceremonially inclined sentimentalists you can anticipate a glorification of what was and some starry eyed speculation as to what could have been (& if your all gracious then we shall share some unreleased music)

Brother Joe will be curating all this on Instagram , and there is some talk of getting it all put together into a coherent commemorative book, if there is enough interest/ if we get our act together.

Thanks to the War God’s favour is back live for a limited time- so you may go marvel at the visuals and catalogue of Live shows the broken boys once played.

and finally, do not get too excited, there will be NO reformation of the heavy pop quartet- the possibility was discussed but met with tepid enthusiasm by all- WU LYF was a beautiful thing in it’s moment, it need not be resurrected for the zombie circus circuit.

(unless of course we are offered a sweet million to sooth the rigor mortis- then think of this only as a cashing in on our youthful Eros)

I will write you again, when there is more to share.

until then stay Safe, Sassy and Sexy


I love Francis Lung, he’s been amazing for years

They’ve announced the book:

What is more interesting is that demos for the 2nd album are included with it.

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